How reliable is this database?

The marks that are listed in this database are obtained from students who have previously sat the NSW Higher School Certificate examinations. In order to obtain their raw marks, those students would have had to purchase their raw marks from NESA (formerly BOS/BOSTES). We aim to validate all raw mark submissions to ensure integrity of the database, but we make no guarantee that all marks are completely accurate. In 2019, we converted the database from an editable wiki website to its current form in order to increase validation measures including providing proof of marks.

Why is there not a complete list of marks for each year?

This site relies on students voluntarily submitting their raw marks. Since the only way to ascertain the raw mark is by a student purchasing their marks, if students do not decide to purchase their marks AND if students do not decide to submit their marks, then there is no possible way to provide the raw marks for a particular subject in a particular year.

My subject isn’t listed. Are there marks available for my subject?

The database is typically up to date, as as such, if a subject is not listed, it is unlikely that another student has submitted their marks. You may still contact us to confirm whether or not there are marks available.

What is the raw examination mark?

This mark is determined from your raw marks for each question after various NESA processes have been applied. For example, some optional questions are statistically adjusted, and sometimes a weighting factor is applied to a student’s raw mark. Your individual raw examination mark may not, therefore, equal the total raw mark on each question (source: official HSC raw marks report).

How can I help?

If you have marks to contribute, please submit your marks here. We understand that you are required to purchase your marks, so we appreciate your contribution. You can also help us by mentioning us on discussion forums, Facebook groups etc. in order to encourage others to submit their raw marks. If you have any other suggestions or see an error on the website, please send us an email.

Why do you run ads?

We run ads to pay for the website maintenance costs including the cost of web hosting and domain name. These are significant yearly costs which are required to keep this database running.