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HSC Raw Marks Database

Ancient History English Advanced Industrial Technologies: Multimedia Technologies Music 1
Biology English Extension 1 Japanese Continuers Music 2
Business Studies English Extension 2 Latin Continuers Music Extension
Chemistry English Standard Latin Extension PDHPE
Community and Family Studies General Mathematics Legal Studies Physics
Design and Technology Geography Mathematics Software Design and Development
Drama German Continuers Mathematics Extension 1 Studies of Religion 1
Economics History Extension Mathematics Extension 2 Studies of Religion 2
Engineering Studies Information Processes and Technology Modern History

NSW Higher School Certificate raw marks obtained from Bored of Studies

BOSTES HSC Results Services Information

Thanks to the following BoS members for providing raw marks:

  • 2015: updated 11/02/16
  • 2014: BiasedBuffalo, Dennis1348, enigma_1, iStudent, jamie_23, Peter-PF7, photastic, Salayman, wdhc15, WhoStanLeee, YunLi
  • 2013: albertcamus, anomalousdecay, braintic, caseyjbyrne, catwoman11, Drifting95, Examine, Fizzy_Cyst, gwilymprice, HK1996, Hombad, Hypem, iPhone4, Jacob888, -kc, kiwi703, Kobweb, Makematics, MethewYan, ncoul, NFmusic1995, ocatal, panda15, Pete15551, pHyRe, Randox, RivalryofTroll, v1, wagig, yasminee96
  • Pre-2013: brettymaccc, acmilan, ajdlinux, bayan92, blackratpoo, chauchihuahua, jetblack2007, mecramarathon, mols01, NewiJapper, paul5666, Ragerunner, Riproot, Shadowdude, Spik3balloon, suling, Thecorey0, unholybuddha, x jiim